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August 27, 2018
Anniversary for a pioneer: BARD Offshore 1, Germany’s most productive offshore wind farm, has been in operation for five years

Bard Offshore 1

BO1, the first and 2017 most productive offshore wind farm in Germany is completely connected to the grid since September 2013.
80 wind energy generators of the 5 megawatt class reach a nominal capacity of 400 mega watt - this equals the energy consumption of more than 400,000 households.


BARD Offshore 1 was supported by the European Commission within the scope of the European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR).


Ideal location in the German North Sea

The offshore wind farm BO1 is located approx. 100 km north of the isle of Borkum in the German North Sea and comprises an area of approx. 59 square kilometres.


Chronology – from the first prototype to a powerful offshore power plant

März 2004
filing the application for erection of the wind farm

start of production of rotor blades and nacelle

April 2007
receipt of the building permission

December 2007
onshore erection of the first BARD 5.0 prototypes

October 2008
start of production of the tripile foundations

April 2010
commencement in the offshore panel

December 2010
first power input

April 2013
completion of erection of all 80 wind turbine generators

December 2013
handover of the wind farm to its owner Ocean Breeze Energy GmbH & Co. KG

October 2015
2TWh produced electricity

May 2016
3TWh produced electricity

December 2017
more than 5TWh produced electricity


Further information


Our technology
Turbine technology BARD 5.0


The unique habitat North Sea needs to be protected during construction and operation of the wind farm


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